Top tips to finding a great Bookkeeper

Deciding to outsource your bookkeeping is a big decision. You’ve decided that it will be cost-effective but now you need to find the right Bookkeeper for you.

Top tips to finding a great Bookkeeper

Here are my top tips for what to look for when outsourcing your bookkeeping;

1 – Referrals

Without a doubt, this is the best way to find a great Bookkeeper. No matter how many pretty adverts you come across, there is nothing more reassuring than a personal referral from someone who has experienced their services. This is worth its weight in gold. It’s also worth noting that networking is great way to build a relationship and get to know your local Bookkeepers.

2 – Has knowledge of Accountancy

This is a bonus, but it is certainly an advantage if a Bookkeeper has any experience in accounting. It makes life easier as they will know exactly what an Accountant needs so there won’t be any messing about when it comes to filling your tax returns.

3 – What software do they use?

It’s important to know what software your potential Bookkeeper uses as it will need to be suitable for your business needs. Although you will not be the one uploading the information, knowing that a Bookkeeper is up to date with the latest and best software is one thing less for you to worry about.

bookkeeping software

4 – Value for money – That does not mean cheap!!!

A Bookkeeper is traditionally a more cost-effective way to manage your books than leaving it all down to your Accountant. However, it’s important not to look for the cheapest service available as that could end up being a costly mistake. A good Bookkeeper will be reasonably priced and affordable for a small business, however, they have expenses to pay too, such as software. If they are far cheaper than the competition, there may be a reason.

5 – Experience

Everyone has to start somewhere but as a small business owner, you want to feel confident in the ability of your Bookkeeper. Even if they are new to being self-employed, experience in the industry will always hold an advantage.

6 – No obligation advice

A good Bookkeeper will offer you a no obligation meeting to discuss your needs. A great Bookkeeper will do a free health check on your books to help you decide if you really need one!

7 – Trustworthy and honest

It’s not easy to establish this from the beginning which is where personal referrals help. But you can get a feel for someone and it’s important to feel comfortable with your Bookkeeper and sense that they are trustworthy. It’s worth looking at reviews and testimonials for extra reassurance.

Ultimately, you won’t know how good a Bookkeeper is until you start working with them, but these tips should help you make that decision. Happy hunting!!!

Outsourcing is actually a very realistic option for business owners so don’t be scared. If you’re still not sure, Rosemary Bookkeeping are more than happy to come and help you find out about making tax digital or just do a 1-2-1 health check with you and give you the opportunity to decide for yourself if you think you could benefit with no obligation, contact your local Rosemary Bookkeeper today.