We’ve found a maths activity that will keep you occupied for a bit, Vedic Maths. Make sure you read the instructions carefully, good luck.

You will need:

1 9 x 9 grid (below)

A relatively sharp pencil (too sharp and it will tear the tracing paper!!) OR coloured pencils

Sheet(s) of tracing paper (or alternative)

A couple of paper clips (to keep the tracing paper from moving)

This is all about patterns in maths – both numbers and lines/shapes. The pattern comes from the timetables.

Part 1: To complete the grid

The rule is that each box contains only a single digit

The first row is the pattern of 1s

The second row is the pattern of 2s BUT when there is a double-digit number add the two digits together for the single digit that goes in the box

The third row is the pattern of 3s

The fourth row is the pattern of 4s and so on.

As you complete each row look at emerging patterns, What do you notice about each row? Each column? How soon can you predict what will happen next?

Predict the numbers and prove that you are right.

What are the patterns in the numbers? (Look at rows, columns and diagonals; also 2 x 2, 3 x 3 squares etc)

When the grid is complete look at all the patterns and describe them. Is there a special number?

What would happen if you added an extra row and column?

What would the pattern of 12s be? How do you know? Is it similar to any other pattern on the grid?

How? Can you explain this?

Part 2: For the line patterns

1. Clip the tracing paper over the grid

2. Choose a number

3. Mark every square that contains that number with a dot on top of the tracing paper

with a pencil (or a coloured pencil)

4. Remove the tracing paper (tip – it is vital – you will see why – that you draw on the side

of the paper with the dots on; write the number at the top of the paper so you

always get it the right side up!)

5. Join every dot to every other dot by drawing lines with a ruler please note there

should be several lines coming from EACH dot

6. Repeat for each number so that you end up with 9 patterns

When your 9 patterns are complete lay them side by side

What do you notice in the patterns? What do you think the special number is now? Why?

On the grid, you could also try colouring all the 1s in one colour, all the 2s in a different colour etc to see if that makes a pattern too.

Good luck and have fun, let us know how you get on with this Vedic Maths problem