Teri Cotta shows you how to create an invoice in Xero in just two steps.

At Rosemary Bookkeeping, we work closely with our friends and partners at Xero to help our clients get to grips with their bookkeeping.

But creating new invoices can be a big hurdle when you don’t know how – especially on potentially alien software.

That’s why our accounting crackpot, Teri Cotta, has been working hard to bring you the top tips to be a Xero whiz and understand its processes, from the terribly simple to the terrifically complex.

Specifically, in today’s Teri Tips, we’re walking you through “How to create a new invoice”.

And if you’re a visual learner, don’t worry… a full video showing each of these points step by step can be found on our YouTube channel.

Benefits of invoicing with Xero

Put simply, invoicing in Xero helps you get paid faster.

You know when customers have seen your invoices, and it’s easy to chase overdue invoices.

And you can create and send invoices in Xero in two simple steps.

  1. Create Your New Invoice

In the business menu, select invoices.

Then click ‘New Invoice.’

Or from anywhere in Xero, click the plus icon and select invoice.

Enter the business name.

Either create a new contact or choose from one of the lists.

Xero automatically assigns the invoice number and dates.

Check the default due date is correct and change it if you like.

Enter details in the description, quantity, and price fields.

Be specific so the customer knows what they’re paying for.

Ensure the account and tax rates are correct so Xero can categorise the transaction accurately.

Or, if you’ve set up products and services in Xero, you can choose them in the item menu, and Xero will populate the fields for you.

  1. Send the Invoice to Your Customer

First, preview your invoice to see how it looks for your customer.

Click ‘X’ to close the preview and make any changes if you need to.

Once you’re happy with the invoice, click approve and email.

Confirm the customer’s name and email address and click ‘Send’.

Xero sends the invoice and marks it as awaiting payment. And that’s it.

You’ve created an invoice and sent it to the customer.

Now, you’re ready to tackle the world!

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